EScape Signal Description

Now it’s time to go a little bit into details and we give an overview of EScape signal usage.

Signals, which are used internal only (EMMC, LCD) are not touched. The signals to external ports like ES-Port and mikroBUS connectors are protected and limited to 3V3 or 1V8 to meet demands of Beagleboard CPU. This information for all ports on P8 and P9 is listed in column „LIM“. Some of the signals which are used in open drain environment are connected with Pull-UP resistors against 3V3. These signals and the value is listed in the column „PUR“.

All Information is listed in three documents wich cover Beaglebone Header P8 & P9 and the IOs on External Connector ES and mikroBUS:

EScape_P8 : Signals on BBB Header P8

EScape_P9 : Signals on BBB Header P9

EScape_IO : External Connector & mikroBUS slots M1 & M2

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