EScape’s roadmap

EScape’s revision B0 in CAD preview

Hello to all supporters and friends of our EScape-project!

All tests on our first handmade prototypes are done and the first official release is in preparation… we have done some little improvements with the next Revision (B0) :

1. We (all) missed the reset- and power-button, the bbb pushbuttons could not be accessed because the board is mounted face down.

2. We added the original Console-Header (TTYO0) outside off BBB-Area, to make Debugterminal available again for standard FTDI–Cables.

3. We replaced solder jumpers by smd dilswitch for an easy ID-Adress selection.


Over the next weeks we are going to produce a couple of final prototypes. Afterwards we will make plans to launch an official betatest.

If You are interested to become a betatester,
please register on this board to get more information …

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